Webnet Backup offers fast, simple and secure online backup services for your computer files. On the top of it, everything is automated. Whatever the data your company needs to protect, we have the right service for you. Our solution is easy to use and to install. You only have to subscribe online, install our user-friendly software and indicate the repertories you need to save. Then on, the backup will automatically start to upload your data at the time of your choice, it will be automatic and incremental.

Data security at the office

Is the safety of your data, a myth or a reality? Are you concerned with the statistics that say that 60% of the office data are not saved? Even though you backup your data, are they really protected? How much money dou you invest for such a service? A conventional backup system costs thousand of dollars, without considering the manutention cost. Moreover, with a conventional backup your data are still exposed to theft, error, fire hazards and more. What are you waiting for? Join us today and pay less for a better service!

Webnet Backup in
3 simple steps !
Fill in the subscription form.
Install our software by following the steps sent to you by email.
Choose the data you want to backup.