4.95 $ per month
• 1 Gigabyte (Gb)
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14.95 $ per month
• 5 Gigabytes (Gb)
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24.95 $ per month
• 25 Gigabytes (Gb)
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34.95 $ per month
• 50 Gigabytes (Gb)
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49.95 $ per month
• 100 Gigabytes (Gb)
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Your business data is regularly saved on our offsite servers. You can restore at any time. Use the resulting peace of mind to focus on your revenu generating activities.
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Get peace of mind for as low as 50c a day.

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Evaluate the space you will require

Start by evaluating the space you will need to save your data.

Right clic on chosen directories and select "properties".

1 Gb = 1024 Mb
1 Mb = 1024 Kb