We already have tape backups, why use Webnet Backup ?

It is important to keep copies in a remote location. In the event of theft or fire for example, you will loose both the original data and the copy.

How can I be sure that my data will stay confidential ?

While your date is stored remotely on our site, the software enables you to encrypt the data before it is sent over the Internet. Beware, this also means that should you loose your password, even Webnet Backup will not be able to decrypt your files.
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Can I backup more than one computer ?

Yes, you manage your account as you see fit. Webnet Backup does not restrict usage beside the total capacity of your account.

Will the backup process slow down my Internet connection ?

Our backup service is an incremental backup. Only the new or modified files are transmitted. That allows a better transfer speed
for your backups. We nevertheless advise a good connection from a flow point of view and stability.
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Will the backup process slow down my Internet connection ?

No. We suggest to schedule your backups outside office hours. This way the backup bandwidth will not be shared with your normal tasks. In the advent a backup takes longer such as the case of your first one, we have found the process to have almost no impact on user experience; the data is sent over the upstream part of your connection of which normal Internet usage uses very little.

Must I save everything ?

We advise you not to take in program files like .exe, .dll or any other files created at the moment you installed software. These files can easily be recovered by reinstalling the software.

How long will the first backup take ?

The initial backup is usually the longest. Even with compression, there is usually lots of data to transfer. Size of backup and connection speed are the 2 key determining factors. You can test your transfer rate at the following address :
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How much space do I need for my backup ?

With the right mouse button, clic on a directory you want to backup. On the menu that will open choose "Properties". A small dialog window will then open that contains among other things the total space taken by that folder including the subfolders. If it is a big one, your computer may take some time to obtain the total amount. Repeat the operation for every folder you want and add them up.
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Is your backup solution hard to install ?

No, it is a 3 step process.
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Do there is other expenses related to online backups ?

Subscribe on our web site, install the software per the instructions in the email and select the folders you want backuped. You can select the backup schedule you want based on your needs.

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How do I change plan ?

Contact us by email or by phone with the coordinates mentioned in the page "Contacts" during our office hours.

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Contact us by phone or email during work hours.

Should you want a trained technician to install the software and make sure your files are backed up properly we can do so. Just call or write to us and we will schedule a visit iwth you.

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