IMPORTANT: Carefully read the terms and the conditions which follow before proceeding to the subscription and the installation of the software. This is a end-user license whom you must accept before installing and using our product. You shouldn't download or install the software if you don't accept the terms and conditions governing its use.

Service description
Webnet Backup offers services dedicated to its customers counterpart of monthly charges. Webnet Backup provides to you an account for the use of the service according to the terms and conditions.

License of your backup contents
Webnet Backup guarantees to you, and you accept of Webnet Backup, the right to copy, download and use your contents without expenses, except in the event of going beyond of the allowed band-width. Nevertheless, the contents must be in conformity with the laws of Canada and the United States as well as the country laws of the customer.

Availability of the service
According to the terms and conditions of this contract, Webnet Backup is committed to employing reasonable efforts, from a commercial point of view to provide a service of backup twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week. The technical support is limited to the office hours according to the standard time of the registered office of Webnet Backup. Webnet Backup keeps the right to use its own equipment or the equipment of third person to provide the service governed by this contract. Webnet Backup keeps the right not to reveal the site of the servers used. Webnet Backup cannot be held to answer a new order if it judges that the number of customers cannot be exceeded or that the customer does not meet the legal or commercial requirements. Webnet Backup reserves the right to stop the service in the event of going beyond of the allowed band-width, that is to say a total transfer of 250 Gb per month for the "Personal" plan, 1000 Go of transfer per month for the "Professional" plan and 2000 Gb of transfer per month for the "Enterprise" plan.

Server contents and responsibility limitation
The customer is solemnly responsible for the contents which it backups, of the uses that it makes and any consequence of its actions. Webnet Backup cannot be held responsible for the errors of the customer or the contents of his backups. Webnet Backup provides a sedentary service, but it's the customer to responsibility ensure his own safety. The customer is the only person in charge for the safety of his working stations. The customer is entirely responsible to keep the confidentiality of his all his confidential data and password. The customer is also responsible for any loss or deterioration of his saved contents.

Royalties and trademark
The software governed by this contract isn't sold to the customer who has only one license of use throughout contract. The customer doesn't have the right under-to partly contract, resell, share, rent or transfer a right of the software entirely or partly. Except stipulation contrary express permitted by the laws of the royalties, it's interdict to copy, redistribute, modify or rent the software.

Price, expenses and contract cancellations
The prices and plans of Webnet Backup services are prone to change in any time without notice. Any additional service or going beyond of the band-width is prone to expenses, even with penalties. The agreement between the customer and Webnet Backup is monthly and is renewed automatically. One period is one month duration. The agreement consists of one or more successive periods as from the day of subscription. The subscription of the customer is renewed each month following the subscription. To stop subscribing itself, the customer must contact Webnet Backup five (5) working days before the end of each one month period following his subscription. If the customer stops his subscription himself five (5) working days before the end of the first month, the offer is completely free of charge, and nothing will not be charged. If the cancellation isn't made 5 working days prior to the end of the month period, the following period will be invoiced. Any promotional offer can be withdrawn in any time without notice.

Guarantee limitations
The software and the service of Webnet Backup are provided as it is. The customer uses the service and the software at his own risks and dangers. Webnet Backup doesn't guaranteed the absence of error or interruption. These terms and conditions constitute the agreement of the parts, Webnet Backup and the customer. Any contrary stipulation must be the subject of a paper agreement signed of the two parts. This agreement is subjected to the laws in force in the province of Quebec. The parts reject any other legislation or convention, in particular that of the Nations Plain governing the international contracts of goods and services, or other dominion or provincial law.

End of service and license agreement to the final user.